The elusive duo Snakefarm play ‘The Foggy Dew’ to the Goldmark Front Room.

Anna Domino has been a cult figure twice over. Emerging on the New York scene in the era of the Mudd Club and Warhol, she was signed by hip Belgian label Les Disques du Crepuscule and made three critically acclaimed albums and singles for them during the ’80s, some of which were released by the famed Factory label in the UK. Legend has it that their mixture of sharp rhythmic grooves and cool vocals were a major influence on the evolution of what became Trip Hop in the ’90s. And then she seemed to disappear.

Anna re-emerged in 1999 with another groundbreaking album, this time as the duo Snakefarm with her partner, Belgian multi-instrumentalist Michel Delory. By then long re-located on the US West coast, Snakefarm applied a downtempo trip hop approach to the traditional American songbook, reworking iconic songs like St. James Infirmary for the approaching 21st century. It attracted more huge critical acclaim, placing high in that year’s best album lists. And again, they promptly disappeared – until 2011, when to everybody’s great joy a new Snakefarm album showed up, released by the small UK label Fledg’ling. And once more the plaudits flew.