We are extremely excited to announce that on Saturday 18th November 2017 the Goldmark Gallery will open its very first exhibition of ceramics by the world-renowned potter Walter Keeler.

Born in London in 1942, Keeler trained under Michael Casson and Victor Margrie, two of the 20th century’s great ceramics teachers, before establishing his own studio. In the four decades hence Keeler has established a worldwide reputation as one of the most important and influential potters living and working in Britain, with work held in major public collections from London to New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and beyond.

Primarily known for his extraordinary use of salt-glaze, of which he has become something of a modern-day pioneer, Keeler’s pots draw upon a wealth of home-grown influences, most especially the crazed ceramics experiments of the 18th century. Of particular interest has been his reinvention of the world of ‘crabstock’ pottery – functional wares, often teapots and jugs, adorned with highly ornamental applied decoration in the form of twisting twigs, leaves and thorns.

In Keeler’s pottery this tradition is imagined anew, with contorting extruded branches that extend and entwine around a central form. Teapots and jugs are formed from ‘kits’ – thrown, lathed, and extruded components, from handles and lids to spouts, that are made independently then introduced to one another, creating one-of-a-kind variations on a theme. These peculiar assemblages are then emboldened by vibrant glazes: deep emerald greens, lustrous yellows, and mottled purples, each one accentuated by rouletted lines, grooved surfaces, and Keeler’s signature circular design.

Imbued with delightful character and personality, Keeler’s pots are instantly recognisable, exquisitely combining the worlds of sculptural ceramics with functional pottery to create a body of work with a unique and genuine voice.

The wonderful pots featured in this upcoming exhibition have recently arrived at the Goldmark Gallery and the first selection are now online. Come visit us in Uppingham to view them in the flesh, or alternatively you can contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at +44 (0)1572 821424.

View and buy exhibition pots by Walter Keeler online here >