We are thrilled to announce the opening of our second exhibition of Sid Burnard’s extraordinary driftwood assemblages on 7th May.

The show will run for three weeks until the 29th, and will feature alongside recent work the latest Goldmark publication, a book of Sid’s memoirs and tall tales from his past.

Sid-Burnard-Exhibition-and-Book-Launch-On-the-BeachSid Burnard beach-combing for material on the coast of West Wales

Sid’s magical pieces are made entirely from material sourced from his beach-combing expeditions. He does not cut, carve, or colour the wood and other ephemera he finds from which he creates boats, harbour scenes, and mythical birds and beasts.


Sid-Burnard-Exhibition-and-Book-Launch-Swordplay-Watchtower(above) ‘Gestaltist‘, one of over 100 new works by Sid Burnard; (below) ‘Swordplay’ (left) and ‘The Watchtower‘ (right)

With a studio in Borth, Wales, just off the sands of Cardigan Bay, Sid’s driftwood palette arrives on the stormy currents of the West coast, strong tides and frequent high winds dragging all manner of salty treasure up from the depths and depositing them on his doorstep.


Sid-Burnard-Exhibition-and-Book-Launch-The-Squawk(above) ‘Bovine Beauty‘; (below) ‘A Quiet Flutter’ (left) and ‘The Squawk‘ (right)

His beautiful work, often formed from as little as two or three assembled pieces, incorporates driftwood logs and planks, metal scraps, bleached bone fragments, multi-coloured remains of burnt plastic, and old bits of leather.

In addition to becoming a full-time artist and delivering new compositions to the gallery, all the way from the Welsh coast, Sid has also been writing a diary-cum-memoir that details his colourful past and offers an insight into his working methods.

Sid-Burnard-Exhibition-and-Book-Launch-Birdman-Maryport-Migrant(left) ‘Bird Man‘; (right) ‘Maryport Migrant’

Sid’s Book is the culmination of 4 years of writing and a lifetime of living as a free spirit. Published in both standard and collector’s editions, the book will be available for purchase alongside new work at the gallery.



(above) the standard (left) and collector’s (right) editions of Sid’s Book, available here; (below) a sample of the new prints and extras accompanying the special collector’s edition

To accompany the book, Sid has also been working in our printing atelier to produce a range of collotypes and a special etching. These will be included in the deluxe collector’s editions of the book and will be available for sale as individual prints. Scouring the beaches for driftwood items under 2mm thickness, Sid has composed images with the help of our master printers Jan and Ian that reflect his love of birds, beasts, and the great blue sea.

Sid-Burnard-Exhibition-and-Book-Launch-Aztec-Bird-GodAztec Bird-God

Join us on May 7th for a preview of the new exhibition and the launch of Sid’s Book. Work from the exhibition can also be viewed online here.

View Sid Burnard’s driftwood assemblages here >