In this week’s roundup film gallery manager Kate presents new Hockney posters, Nic Collins pots, and an Ardizzone oil painting fresh into the gallery.

Kate also discusses some of the exciting new projects and events at the gallery, including a soon-to-be-announced Sid Burnard show and new book as well as our upcoming Rigby Graham celebration.

Sid-Burnard-Working-In-AtelierSid hard at work in our print studio with some driftwood scraps

This week we’ve welcomed the wonderful Sid Burnard into our print atelier to work on a very special series of pieces to be revealed at our imminent show of his new work (dates t.b.c.).

Sid Burnard 3 Birds Previewa triptych of birds for Sid’s new exhibition, photographed for the upcoming book

In addition to the exhibition, we will be launching our publication of Sid’s memoirs, a diary of recollections and tall tales from his Romany childhood to his current day life as a working artist.

In the meantime, you can find out a little more about his driftwood sculptures and his infectious free spirit by watching a short film of him in his studio here.

View driftwood assemblages by Sid Burnard here >

Ardizzone-Oil-Painting-Nudea stunning Ardizzone oil painting

New stock in the gallery includes this beautiful Ardizzone nude oil painting that we’ve recently acquired.

Edward Ardizzone was known throughout his life predominantly for his delightful illustrations for children’s books, especially the award-winning series of Tim‘s adventures.

Ardizzone oils are fairly scarce, so we’re very pleased to be able to offer so great an example from the gallery today.


Also new to the gallery and our website are two Käthe Kollwitz lithographs and some exhibition posters from the Kollwitz Museum in Berlin.

Kollwitz was one of the most well regarded German Expressionists and probably Germany’s most celebrated female artist.

Her dark, atmospheric work depicting the poor lower classes and the effects on civilian life of both World Wars are testament to her immense powers of observation and feeling as well as her technical proficiency in graphic media.

Artists Posters Hockney Costumes


We’ve also taken recent delivery of some new David Hockney exhibition posters to add to our growing stock of artists’ posters.

Hockney’s irreverent wit is on show in both, and they make for highly collectible pieces. We’ve recently written why everyone should have an artists’ poster hanging on their walls, and these works are no exception.

View our latest arrivals at the gallery here >

Rigby Graham Home Portraitthe irascible Rigby Graham

Preparations are firmly underway for our upcoming Rigby Graham celebration on the 9th April. Work has been selected for display on the gallery walls and we’ve recently finished designing a luscious catalogue to accompany the exhibition.

Rigby Graham Corfe Castle LithographCorfe Castle – large lithograph by Rigby Graham

Featured in the show alongside original oils and watercolours will be some extraordinary prints in various forms, including some large lithographs and linocuts and a series of very special woodcuts carved in Graham’s final days on hardwood boards held over his head as he lay in bed.

We hope to see you there.

View paintings and prints by Rigby Graham here >

Anagama-Nic-Adds-Wood-4potter Nic Collins stoking his large wood-fired kiln

New pots arrived this week from British wood-firing potter Nic Collins and are now up on the website too.

Nic’s method of firing in his large anagama kiln is both time-consuming and exceptionally risky, trusting in the destructive work of wood logs, fly ash and flames pushing kiln temperatures over 1300°C to produce the extraordinary surfaces on his pots.

Nic Collins Wood Fired Small Bottle

As Nic has said in our recent film of him unpacking his kiln, the rewards of such firings are evident in the beautiful glaze drips and scorched surfaces made achievable by the wood-fire.

We especially like his small guinomis, where the myriad effects of the kiln can be seen in miniature form.

View ceramics by Nic Collins here >


Last but not least, we were delighted to host an intimate evening last Saturday with Wizz Jones, legendary finger-picking guitarist who has inspired the likes of Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen and Keith Richards and who has been performing to audiences now for over 50 years.

We managed to film some footage of Wizz playing during the concert, so keep your eyes peeled for future uploads to our music section at Discover.