This week’s Goldmark Roundup features new artists’ posters and Clive Bowen pots in the gallery as well as news about our upcoming Rigby Graham retrospective show.

Principally a topographical artist, Rigby Graham’s bold use of colour and exceptional technical ability in both oil and watercolour painting and a multitude of printing methods led to some astonishing landscapes.

Rigby Graham Isle of Wight Watercolour

Graham taught for some years at his alma mater, the Leicester College of Art, and was well known for his irascible wit and scathing humour. In addition to the huge output of landscape paintings made throughout his life, particularly those painted in Ireland and Malta, he was also an adept printmaker, producing lithographs and woodcuts both as original prints and as book illustrations and he worked closely with several private presses over the years.

Rigby Graham Corfe Castle Lithograph

In the last decade his work has come to the attention of critics and he is now widely considered one of the most important landscape artists of the 20th century. We recently published a book on Graham; entitled Against the Grain, it features text by art critic and biographer Malcolm Yorke and was launched in early 2015, just months before Graham’s death in May of that year.

Rigby Graham Corsica Oil

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Many of the great 20th century artists enjoyed designing their own exhibition posters, often in the form of original lithographs printed by some of the great Parisian print ateliers such as the Mourlot Frères studio.


We are delighted to have been able to source original lithographic posters by artists including Käthe Kollwitz, Picasso, Matisse, Leger, Braque, and Jean Cocteau.

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Clive Bowen raw glazed jugs

Clive Bowen produces beautiful wood-fired slipware pots from his North Devon workshop. His lidded jars, bowls and beautiful cream jugs make mealtimes feel deliciously special.

Clive Bowen slipware platter

Clive Bowen slipware lidded jars

Bowen’s pots are made using the local red earthenware Fremington clay, the same clay used for centuries for making traditional Devon slipware pots, which fires to a beautiful dark-red terracotta colour. His work draws on the great tradition of British slipware potters of the past, using forms from the middle ages such as big-bellied Baluster jugs and large, slip-trailed serving plates.

Clive Bowen slipware teapot

His work is undoubtedly modern too, however, extending and enhancing the slipware tradition with expressive swipes and spatters of slip and more abstract forms of decoration alongside its typical trailing, combing and sgraffito marks.

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