On Saturday 27th February we opened Lisa Hammond’s 4th major show at the gallery. In case you missed it, here’s a short film of the exhibition display.

Lisa Hammond Tsubos

For the last 3 years Lisa Hammond, widely regarded to be one of the finest British potters, has been carefully selecting and putting aside the best pots from every firing for this exhibition, which features over 200 stunning pots.

Lisa Hammond

In 2015 Hammond was awarded a prestigious residency at The Mashiko Museum in Japan, the second of its kind and the latest in the development in an ongoing conversation between Britain and Japan that began with Hamada and Leach in the first half of the 20th century. She was invited to spend 7 weeks making and firing using local techniques and materials, an effort to show local potters new ways to interpret their materials and continue to promote that cross-cultural conversation that has become an ongoing tradition. Much of the work that she made during this time is included in the exhibition.

Lisa Hammond Exhibition

Lisa Hammond is widely recognised to be one of the finest studio potters working today and she has exhibited all over the world. Her work embraces an extensive range of thrown functional ware for the preparation, cooking and serving of food. It is immensely important to her that this work is used in daily life. Alongside the functional ware she also makes a range of work that is more individual and playful. The development of these pieces is a result of time spent in Japan, making, firing and exhibiting.

Lisa Hammond

Her work is authentic, a product of experience, close attention and relentless practise. It invites the art of serving tea, of giving and sharing food and flowers, of looking carefully and reflecting. Michael Tait, 2016 (Commissioning Editor of The Guardian)

Lisa HammondOur thanks to all who came to see the show. Plenty of pots still remain, so if you’d like to see work from the exhibition just click below.

View ceramics by Lisa Hammond here >