Goldmark Gallery is proud to announce a milestone exhibition of ceramics by Jim Malone, one of Britain’s top potters, opening in Uppingham on Saturday 17th September.

Now in his 70th year and after an incredible 40 years of making, Malone has produced an extraordinary collection of pots to celebrate a lifetime’s dedication to his craft.


Jim-Malone-Ceramics-Exhibition-Celebration-Rectangular-Bottles(above) tall vase; (below) two rectangular bottles

Born in Sheffield and brought up in Wales, Jim Malone began working as a teacher before attending Camberwell School of Art, setting up his first studio workshop after graduating in 1976.

In the four decades hence he has established a reputation as one of the country’s foremost throwers, a potter in the mould of the legendary Bernard Leach and Michael Cardew making expressive functional ceramics with an unwavering personal voice.


Jim-Malone-Ceramics-Exhibition-Celebration-Salt-Glaze-Jugs(above) a trio of lidded pots; (below) salt-glazed baluster jugs

Now situated in Cumbria amidst the dramatic peaks of the North-West, Malone continues to enliven the Anglo-Oriental ceramic tradition with his pots, throwing locally sourced clay on his Korean kick-wheel and firing in a magnificent two-chambered kiln.

A maker of consummate skill and expertise, his craft is not merely an occupation but a way of life, a lifelong devotion to the lasting beauty of handmade ceramics.


Jim-Malone-Ceramics-Exhibition-Celebration-Jugs(above) Tenmoku tall-necked bottle with copper pours; (below) three Tenmoku baluster jugs

The pots to be shown at the Goldmark Gallery represent the very best of Malone’s recent oeuvre, showcasing his immense knowledge and understanding of form, decoration, and firing. Beautiful black Tenmoku bowls with red-rust rims are joined by robust Medieval pitchers, elegant tall bottles, and graceful vases sporting leaping fish, each one painted by hand with a finely tipped brush.


Jim-Malone-Ceramics-Exhibition-Celebration-Hakeme-Jar(above) Korean-style bottle; (below) Hakeme vase

With over 200 exceptional pots, this celebratory show promises a rare opportunity to purchase work by one of Britain’s very best.


Jim-Malone-Ceramics-Exhibition-Celebration-Small-Jugs(above) teapot with yunomi; (below) a collection of miniature cream jugs

Each pot will be available to view and buy in the gallery and online at and a 64-page catalogue with essay and photography will be produced to accompany the exhibition.

View ceramics by Jim Malone here >