An exhibition featuring paintings by Jenny Grevatte began in the main gallery on Saturday 20th October 2012.

Jenny’s pictures give pleasure to all who own them, surely one of the most important attributes of art. – Lillian Browse (‘The Duchess of Cork Street’) Art dealer and Historian

Jenny Grevatte grew up in Leicester and trained at De Montfort University. In 2010 she completed a Residency at Leicester’s New Walk Museum and Art Gallery where she had access to the hidden collection in the art stores for study and inspiration. This has taken her out of her comfort zone completely and she is working in new, expressive ways, painting figures and faces for the first time.

She builds layers of mixed media, often including collage, to create surfaces that entice the viewer to look time and time again. Today, her work is in demand in Britain and abroad with paintings in public collections including New Hall and Christ’s College, Cambridge; the National Museum of Johannesburg and the Saarland State Collection, Germany.