To accompany Goldmark Atelier’s brand spanking new website, we thought we’d introduce our Discover readers to what goes on in our local print studio.

Goldmark Atelier is a print workshop situated on the edge of the beautiful market town of Uppingham in Rutland, UK. The studio is run by industry-leading master printer Ian Wilkinson, aided by his wife and assistant Jan and studio assistant Callum.

Goldmark-Atelier-Ink-Canscans of printer’s ink stack high on shelves throughout the atelier; strong fumes from the ink hang heavy in the workspace

Ian and Jan’s expertise in a large range of different print media has enabled us and clients of Goldmark Atelier to produce remarkable original prints over the years.

One printing process which Ian and Jan have a particular strength in is screen printing. The atelier has a large open plan space incorporating two large screen printing beds that allow us to print up to 4ft by 3ft.




Goldmark-Atelier-DFace-Pop-Tart-Marilyn-Monroe-Screen-Print(above) screen printing beds and stencil frames in the Goldmark Atelier, with a fresh screen print by Urban artist D*Face hanging for inspection

Ian has been printing for over 25 years now, and has worked with several major artists including Eduardo Paolozzi, Paula Rego and Elisabeth Frink.

In recent years the atelier has established a strong connection with a number of contemporary Urban artists too, such as Swoon, D*Face, Nick Walker and the French grandfather of stencil art himself, Blek Le Rat.




Goldmark-Atelier-Etching-Plate(above) etching ink tins and an etching plate ready for inking on an electric hot plate

A second open plan space is dedicated solely to the medium of etching. Equipped with 3 presses, the largest of which enables us to print up to a whopping 5ft by 3ft, the atelier frequently produces etching prints in combination with other techniques available in the workshop, such as using both etching and silkscreen processes within the same print.


Goldmark-Atelier-Albion-Press-and-Letterpress(above) Goldmark Atelier’s immense Albion press (left); archival letterpress letters sit waiting to be sorted (right)

For relief printing (such as woodcuts and linocuts) the atelier is equipped with an Albion press built in 1893 and a magnificent 19th Century Columbian press that was previously owned and used by British artist Michael Rothenstein.

The studio also has an ever-expanding collection of amazing antique metal and wood type with an accompanying Western proof press.



Goldmark-Atelier-Lithography-Press(above) the studio lithography press

Unusually for most modern print studios, the atelier also owns a dedicated stone lithography press enabling artists to work directly onto limestone to produce truly original prints.

As a modern medium, lithographic production over the last few decades has declined dramatically, with very few presses working directly with stone blocks. Where studios have the facilities, zinc, aluminium and plastic sheets are often preferred, making Goldmark Atelier one of a shrinking number of workshops capable of offering the traditional stone-block process.





A further digital suite at the atelier includes two state of the art, large format Epson printers (SureColor P9000 and Stylus Pro 11880) which can produce exceptionally accurate digital reproductions using the workshop’s range of archival inks

Goldmark-Atelier-David-Kirk(above) gallery artist David Kirk reviews a series of recent prints

As well as working with a number of acclaimed artists, including Royal Academician sculptor Michael Sandle (pictured below, right), the presence of the workshop in Uppingham, just 5 minutes away from the Goldmark Gallery, has allowed Jan and Ian to work closely with our gallery artists in long term collaborations, enabling greater exploration and experimentation over a period of years.

A portfolio of some of the incredible work produced by the atelier over its 10 years of production since opening in 2006 can be viewed here at their new website.



To keep up to date with all the latest news at the atelier, you can subscribe to their website here. With short films and photographs of current projects, the site is well worth visiting.

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