In July 2014 Goldmark was delighted to host an exhibition of 10 Japanese potters’ work accompanied by a tea ceremony.

In the upper floor of the Gallery we showed the work of 10 of the most respected contemporary Japanese potters, including the Living National Treasure Jun Isezaki and Shinsaku Hamada. Focusing on the tea ceremony, the exhibition featured work by modern masters from the main ceramic regions of Japan – Mashiko, Bizen, Shigaraki, Mino and Tamba – with an emphasis on tea ceremony wares, such as chawans and mizusashi.

Downstairs in our front room space two tea ceremonies were performed for our guests: one traditional in the prescribed dress, the other modern in everyday clothes. Exhibition-goers could wait for their tea bowl to be prepared at either ceremony and enjoy both aspects of this unusual ritual. Sushi and sake was also served throughout the day.

A catalogue was produced, featuring work by all 10 potters: Kazuya Furutani, Shinsaku Hamada, Tomoo Hamada, Kenji Hara, Jun Isezaki, Koichiro Isezaki, Tsubusa Kato, Ryotaro Kato, Ken Matsuzaki and Masaaki Shibata.