In this short film gallery artist Jenny Grevatte discusses the ongoing theme of trees and woodlands in her work.

Having grown up in Leicester, she reveals how the local surrounding countryside has influenced her subject matter, as well as the dramatic landscape of the South West coast.


Jenny-Grevatte-Painting-Trees-2Reservoir Birds (above) and Secret Bluebell Wood (below), both mixed media

Jenny Grevatte trained at De Montfort University and has since completed a Residency at Leicester’s New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, where she had access to the hidden collection in the art stores for study and inspiration. This has taken her out of her comfort zone completely and she is working in new, expressive ways, painting figures and faces for the first time and exploring new techniques.


Jenny-Grevatte-Painting-Trees-3Jenny Grevatte in her studio (above); the season of winter explored in Woodland Glimpse (below left) and Wintry Reflections (below right)

Much of Grevatte’s work is produced in mixed media or many layered collages, utilising different textures as well as a vibrant range of colours to express the atmosphere of her natural landscapes. Her paintings are in high demand at the gallery and continue to attract new admirers and collectors.

Jenny-Grevatte-Painting-Trees-4Frosty Hedge (above) showcases Grevatte’s broad range of techniques in her mixed media paintings

Jenny’s pictures give pleasure to all who own them, surely one of the most important attributes of art. – Lillian Browse (‘The Duchess of Cork Street’) Art Dealer and Historian.

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